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Skijor With Your Dog (BK013)

Skijoring, being pulled on skis by dog in harness, is a great sport that almost everyone, and almost any breed of dog, can do. It requires little beyond the skis in your closet and a dog with a desire to pull.
Skijor With Your Dog is a practical guide to the sport , with a wealth of information for those just starting out. It covers what equipment you'll need, how to teach your dog to pull, and how to work with your dog year-round. Although it is geared for beginners, it offers plenty of useful information for experienced as well, including how to involve children, how to camp and travel with dogs, and how to train for competition.
The book also covers canicross, bikejoring, and other ways to work with your dog when there is no snow.
Skijoring is easy to learn. All it takes is a little skiing skill and a dog who thinks pulling is fun. with this book in your hands, you'll have all the information you need for you and you dog to to begin enjoying the outdoors in a whole new way! 

Our Price : $17.95  ea

Skijor With Your Dog
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